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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jana Brike

Jana Brike
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Today’s person observes the world – neutrally, from outside, not participating mentally in the processes in close unity with it; a human lives more or less convinced that he is closed down in the cage of his flesh and that nature is somewhere out there as an object. To recover peace, maybe, it is possible to step out a half step from the out-of-experience based reality – I do it by painting. In my works an animal is connected with a human in a mysterious unity. As in the Dzen Buddists’s story about a human, which dreams that he is a butterfly or that he is a butterfly, that dreams to be a human.

My paintings are about humans and humanity. About an animal that hides in each of us and which we need to propitiate („I Am Not Scared of a Wolf”), animal with which to get on in harmony („A Horse and a Horsewoman”, „A Girl with a Flower”). But in some animals on the contrary a human hides („Human – Squirrel”; „Philanthropist and Nymphs”).

I tend to use iconographic elements that bring you closer to a dream world, in which stories are born. It lets you understand the world much deeper – not anymore in a linguistically definable form, but intuitively, instinctively and creatively. That is because characters of the mysterious world of symbols refuse to reveal their nature and denomination. And they do not reveal it to me as well.

Painting is a game too – a creative movement with a fixed order and energy; and what you see not always is that what it seems to be.

Born: August 29, 1980


2003 - 2005 Art Academy of Latvia, painting department, master course
Figurative painting Master class, Professors K.Zariņš, N.Brasliņš, J.Jurjāns

1999 - 2003 Art Academy of Latvia, painting department, bachelor course

1991 - 1998 J.Rozental Riga Art secondary school


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