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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Amelia Alcock-White

Amelia Alcock-White

Amelia Alcock-White is a magic realist painter. Born on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, her style has been described as a, “combination of representationalism, realism; naturalism, and takes the form of illustrational depictions of happiness using stylized, personal exaggerations and distortions. It is Post-Surrealism! Her technical virtuosity more than adequately presents her perception and cognition of an ideal romantic world in which she is both instigator and willing participant." Her imagery is drawn from myth, psychology and philosophy. The work, Café de la Paix was based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The painting, "Birth of a Nation," was inspired by the Dixie Chicks.

Her paintings express the human condition and its relation to nature, the transitory character of time and the contrasting endurance of elemental forces. Psychological themes, primal emotions and archetypal figures all play a role in her works.

Amelia fuses sentiment, intimacy and warmth with the enigmatic, giving her images an emotional subtlety that draws the viewer into her private world. "Art's mission is beyond being decorative or merely pleasing; it should awaken, arouse; provoke thought and discussion. My paintings are inspired by life’s harmonies and contradictions. The emotions are personal but the subject matter is universal."

"An artist is a conversationalist, a story teller, a communicator. Art is a medium for the spirit that allows the free expression of passion, joy, sorrow, fear, grief, love. In my paintings I attempt to transcend the limitations of self and the illusions of the three-dimensional world in order to depict a universal, archetypal, objective reality. In short, it is the magic of reducing feelings to a two-dimensional surface of color, shape and light."

"I’m fascinated with things that cannot be understood but perhaps only appreciated. Mine is the imagery of a heart swollen or broken by romance. Is it a sacrilege to hang things so personal on a wall? Does it depict something so private as to be embarrassing? Does it conjure intense feelings? If so, perhaps it has validity. It seems to me the journey of self discovery is made even more valuable by sharing it with others."

Amelia Alcock-White has appeared on CBC National Radio and Television, as well as Urban Rush. Her work has been published in "a large and lavish colour catalogue showcasing paintings by a new and very talented Vancouver artis" and featured in articles including Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine and The Globe and Mail.

Alcock-White’s work is found in many collections and has been exhibited internationally and across Canada including the Vancouver Art Gallery.

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